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107F Leather Field Boot

A proven ‘all-rounder’, the 107F Leather Field Boot is built to work for you & work with you. A traditional field boot pattern with slightly lowered leg height, full veg tanned high grade Horween hide for comfort and strength. The 107F becomes your comfortable everyday work, walk and play boots that will endure the rigours of modern life.



The 107F boot is best suited for everyday environments: workplace, gardening, walking, hiking etc…

Made to order. Please allow 20 working weeks for delivery.

As standard, the 107F specification is:

Leather: Ox-blood zug full grain

Collar: No collar, full leather counter pull-loop

Tongue/Overlay: Half bellows tongue

Thread: Dark brown

Eyelets: Antique brass

Toe: Polycarbonate toe-box

Last: Army semi sprung

Shank/Counter: Wooden shank, polycarbonate counter for extra rigidity at the heel

Sole finish: Leather to resin throughsole,  heavy duty Vibram one-piece sole, screwed at toe & heel

Laces: Dark brown leather

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with Lining, without Lining

10 reviews for 107F Leather Field Boot

  1. William (verified owner)

    Wow. The quality of this boot is remarkable, and you can tell from the moment you take them out of the box that they were built to last. The Vibram sole was a great choice for this design, as they have a reputation for durability. The leather quality is exceptional. If you are in the States, like me, you will probably want to order one size down from your typical American work boot. These seem to have just a touch more room around the toe than most British work boots, but the vamp is nice and snug, which makes for a very stable feel. They are not inexpensive, but they are worth every penny. I love these boots. If WL ever offers them in black, I will buy a second pair.

    • williamlennon

      Hello William

      Many thanks for your comments regarding your recent purchase of the 107F field boots. We really appreciate you taking the time to let us know your thoughts on your boots.

      The 107F boots can be produced in a number of leathers, black included…. so we look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

      Kind regards

      Libs Slattery

  2. George (verified owner)

    I have had these boots for about a month now and have been wearing as often as possible,very solid, need some breaking in, but once broken in, they are almost like gloves and can be worn all day comfortably as your feet breathe well especially wearing wool socks. Very happy to have accidentally stumbled on your web site and with the aid of Libs Slattery, got the right size. I wish you success for the future and hope to be having them resoled when needed. Thanks again

    • williamlennon

      Hello George

      Many thanks for taking the time to write feedback on your 107F field boots. We really appreciate it, and thank you for the positive comments.
      Look forward to hearing from you again in the future.

      Kind regards

  3. collierus

    Ive had a pair of these boots for four years now and I work in them every single day…they are beautifully made of incredible leather and soooo comfortable I absolutely love them. What’s more they seem to be pretty much indestructible! I’ve really abused my boots in every possible way from mistakingly covering them in expanding foam and having to clean them off with acetone (a very bad idea) to snagging them on barbed wire and goodness knows what else….but with normal care they just bounce back looking better better!…The picture and description here look good but really don’t do them justice, for example the main toe box of these boots have a thick felt lining that keep you warm in the cold and I’ve never suffered with hot feet even on the sunniest days. I’ve also had them re-soled by William Lennon who did a great job of course……having boots made by great craftspeople in a traditional way with top materials is a joy, I couldn’t imagine wearing sweaty mass produced boring boots by anyone else ever again.

    • williamlennon

      Hello Mr Collier
      Your positive feedback is very much appreciated by William Lennon & Co, and we hope that your 107F field boots go on to give you many more years of service. Thank you for taking the time to comment on your boots, and for reminding potential customers that a repair service on their boots is available too.
      We look forward to hearing from you again in the future, Libs.

  4. Paul Lee

    I bought a pair of the 107F Boot last year. Delivered in May.
    Superb quality all round. Very comfortable after breaking in, and it didn’t take long. Good size fit, I sent an outline of my foot to confirm the correct size for me.
    I have worn the boots through the Autumn and Winter of last year and Spring this year and found them very comfortable.
    Fantastic correspondence and service from William Lennon.
    And they are local to where I live.
    I would highly recommend.

  5. mr gordon kerr

    If you haven’t seen and felt a pair of William Lennon boots then its hard to imagine how tough , well made and comfortable these are . In a world of imposters and expensive designer boots trying to emulate the real thing it’s great to see a company still producing a quality product in the traditional way . With a little breaking in these have become my go to boot for everything from diy to motorcycle riding ( in the summer). A great boot and a great company .

  6. Mitchell Temkin

    I got my first pair of field boots about two and a half year’s ago. They have been wore near daily since then, in winter and summer, wet and dry, hot and cold, for long walks on both sidewalks and rough trail, and for work around the yard. My second pair arrived about two weeks ago. They were comfortable out of the box, as were the first pair, and I am already putting long miles on them. I can say without reservation that these are among the toughest, most comfortable shoes or boots I’ve ever had. As somebody said somewhere on Instagram, they are like walking machines for your feet. I’ve enjoyed them so much that I thought it was time I write a bit of an appreciative note.

    Though both pair are the same model, they are custom versions and each has it’s own character. (I love the way William Lennon is happy to accommodate their customers’ quirks and preferences whenever they can. Libs is hugely helpful in sorting out specs and sizing issues.) My first pair is made in the thick, heavy rough-out leather of the WWII B2 replica boot. After two and a half years the leather is dirty and glazed in places but shows no signs of real wear at all and there is not a ripple or scratch in it…great stuff. The boots have the full Vibram lugged sole and a double leather midsole. With the heavy sole and the thick, firm leather they are 60% of the way to being a heavy hiking boot, and that is how I most like to use them…for rougher ground and carrying a packs. They have been through many soakings but I have never had wet feet wearing them.

    My new pair is in the standard oxblood zug grain, a still tough but thinner and lighter leather. They are fitted with the triple leather sole, stacked heel, and Dainite Logger half sole and heel cap. Overall they are a lighter, kinder, gentler boot, with more flexibility in the upper but still sturdy and supportive. More of a day-to-day boot. I will be very interested in seeing how they settle in and age. At the moment they are getting more comfortable with each wearing.

    Despite their different characters, the two pair feel much the same over the ground. The magic I think is in the sole. First, there are multiple layers of leather under foot. I have always found that thick leather soles, despite their relative rigidity, are more comfortable over the long haul than thin soles or spongy soft soles. Second is the semi-sprung toe, which provides a natural rolling motion for the foot that compensates for the stiffness of the sole. Together they allow a natural gait that can be restricted in heavy, stiff boots with flatter soles. The huge airy toe box provides a pleasing visual chunkiness if you like that sort of thing (I do) and assures that your feet stay comfortable and uncramped even after hours on foot.

    My wife likes to call these boots my “clodhoppers.” I suspect she is not far wrong. It is easy to imagine a traditional farmer spending long comfortable days behind a horse drawn plough in boots like this. That is, after all, where the term came from. It makes the point that these are more “getting things done” boots than fashion boots, though they are doubtless fashionable in some niches. They are terrific. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    • William Lennon

      Thank you so much for taking the time to compose such a fantastic review of your William Lennon field boots. We really appreciate it, and hope that both pairs continue to work hard for you in the years to come.

  7. Nikita Nazarkov (verified owner)

    It certainly took a while to get them here but they’ve finally arrived and I’ve had two weeks walking in them.
    It was annoying at first because one of the boots was tighter than the other around the toe joint but now that they’ve worn in somewhat much better it’s pretty much fine and I suspect they will become more comfortable in time.
    As far as construction these things are built like tanks, the only annoyance is that the sole is very much resistant to bending while you walk but hey, perhaps that’s also part of wearing them in.
    One of the leather laces snapped in the second week by WL were quick to ship a replacement so no complaints.

  8. Chris Wood

    I received my boots four days after receipt of the tracking number. This, I felt was quite remarkable, especially since I am in British Columbia, Canada.
    Out of the box the boots were stunning, in part because I had specified a pebbled cognac-coloured leather. My research indicates that the colour will mellow to a darker hue. I also specified a toe cap and a full leather lining. The lining is soft, reminiscent of glove leather and the boots fit like that. I kid you not that I have put on slippers that do not feel as comfortable as these. The fit is simply superb.
    After conditioning the boots with Saphir Renovateur and using a neutral wax polish from Lincoln I wore the boots for eight hours today around the house. I think wearing these boots in will be easy.
    The sole is a Vibram unit which looks aggressive but suits the boots’ purpose, which is my go-to walking and hiking boot.
    I am really impressed. This has been a very rewarding project for me and the whole journey has been wonderful. From the initial contact through the sizing, leather selection to finishing details Libs Slattery has been quick to respond and very generous with her time. The process was an absolute pleasure.
    Here in North America the boot market is dominated by Red Wing, especially for “heritage” boots and several North West boot makers from Spokane and BC. In terms of quality, function and construction these boots are far superior to the Red Wing Iron Ranger – there is no compressed cardboard or other inferior materials in these boots. They are on a par in terms of quality with the PNW makers but offer exceptional value for money, so much so that I have ordered a second pair and am already planning a third.

  9. Chris

    Outstanding. The boots, the customer service & the after sales care. I’ve had a pair of the 107f field boots now for about four months. The build quality is second to none, the durability is exceptional. I work at a bar/restaurant working 10-12hr shifts, clocking up on average 35km every two days. These boots have not only survived this brutal initiation but look better with each day! The leather and stitching is far beyond the levels expected with a boot of this price. The sole is vibram and suits this boot exceptionally. I have already put in an order for a second pair to alternate them daily.
    Thank you to the wonderful team at William Lennon.

  10. Gustaf (verified owner)

    These are by far the best boots i have ever had. very stiff out of the box but now that they are broken in they are so comfortable i can walk forever in them. The boots feel very well made and i am sure they are going to last for many years to come. William Lennon is definitely my new favourite boot brand and i am looking forward to getting another pair in the future.

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